BlockDAG's X10 Mining Rigs Drive $2.2M in Home Mining Sales; UNI Price Predictions Signal Upcoming Rally as Bitcoin Fees Drop

After the Bitcoin halving, transaction fees initially spiked before experiencing a sharp decline. Concurrently, Uniswap’s price predictions suggest an upcoming bullish trend. However, halvings typically impact miners primarily, yet the expected bull run presents a promising opportunity for miners, investors, and traders alike.

Instead of chasing cryptocurrencies with 1000x potential, investors find it beneficial in engaging in BlockDAG’s presale and mining activities as it offers a potential 30,000x ROI, and a wide array of mining rigs, including the X10 miner, which is designed for efficient and profitable home mining. Furthermore, BlockDAG’s current presale has already raised over $20.1 million, with more than 8 billion coins sold, promising significant gains for early participants.

Uniswap Price Prediction: Massive Whale Withdrawals

Uniswap price predictions show signs of a potential rally after a whale withdrew 121,871 UNI tokens valued at $954,000 from Binance, signaling a reluctance to sell soon. This move is bullish, especially as UNI recovers from a sharp drop to $5.86 following the SEC’s threat to sue Uniswap Labs. The token has risen 8.31% in the past week, trading at $7.81. A similar withdrawal of Compound tokens by the whale suggests a broader positive shift for DeFi tokens, as increasing buying pressure could propel UNI back into double digits.

Bitcoin Fees Dive Post-Halving: A Before and After Snapshot

On April 21st, the average Bitcoin transaction fee dropped to $34.80 from a record high of $128.45 the previous day, following the network’s fourth halving. This decrease in fees, caused by a spike in network usage due to the halving, could drive users to alternative blockchains. Notably, the fees had surged on April 20, 2024, likely influenced by new blockchain technologies like the Runes protocol. Such fluctuations demonstrate how Bitcoin fees respond to network congestion and significant events, such as halvings or new protocol introductions. Transaction fees, calculated in satoshis per byte, vary with network demand, affecting how quickly transactions are processed.

BlockDAG’s X10 Miner: Entry-Level Mining Revolution

User-friendly and energy-efficient mining technology is what defines BlockDAG’s mining technology, excelling in the cryptocurrency space, and catering to all skill levels. It offers miners a range of easy and efficient technology, from the convenient mobile mining app to the X100 home mining beast, appealing broadly with its simple, rewarding system.

BlockDAG’s X10 compact sized miner is fit for home mining. This powerhouse offers impressive capabilities, boasting a 100 MH/s hash rate that enables it to mine up to 200 BDAG daily, which equates to $10 at launch price. Its user-friendly design features plug-and-play setup, along with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity options, and essential accessories are included for convenience.

Engineered with ASIC technology, the X10 maximizes efficiency, operating at a mere 40W while minimizing noise output. Serving as a versatile entry point into cryptocurrency mining, it seamlessly combines performance, efficiency, and ease of use within its sleek and compact design.

BlockDAG, the leader in the presale and mining sectors, is in its 10th batch now, offering BDAG coins at $0.006 and has raised over $20.1 million. With over $2.2 million raised from selling over 4920 mining rigs, BlockDAG demonstrates a strong market presence and investor interest for significant returns.


The effects of halving extend beyond reducing Bitcoin transaction fees; they may also spark a potential rally, as seen in the case of Uniswap price prediction.

A rally presents a great opportunity if seized effectively. One way to capitalize on this is by mining with BlockDAG, which has been made easy with the X10 compact mining marvel.

Priced only at $130, the X10 is equipped with advanced ASIC technology for enhanced efficiency and boasts a high hash rate of 100 MH/s at just 40W power consumption, this rig can earn up to 200 BDAGs daily, which potentially equates to $10 at official launch price.

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