Introducing School Hack, the Platform Democratizing Traditional Education

School Hack is a global educational platform designed expressly to democratize traditional education by integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and interactive learning. Founded by Muhammad Khalid, Kayaan Unwalla (Senior Advisor to a Minister in the UAE Education background), and Youssef Youssef; experienced crypto experts with sufficient industry experience, School Hack aims to revolutionize the education sector by eliminating prevalent entry barriers and powering unlimited access to AI tools and features. The platform houses 15+ in-house team members in the School Hack Headquarters in Dubai. 

While the global education industry has experienced massive growth over the years, with experts projecting a market value of $10.7 billion in 2027, the industry is problem-laden. The inability of students to conveniently access top-notch features and tools to enhance and personalize learning presents a huge problem. School Hack understands the sheer disadvantage of this and has launched a proprietary AI system that doesn’t depend on a specific language model. This tool enables access to features and services while promoting interactive and immersive learning. 

School Hack commingles blockchain technology and AI to deliver a sustainable, problem-solving, accessible, and advanced educational platform capable of revolutionizing the industry. 

Features of the School Hack Platform  

As a cutting-edge educational platform driven by AI, School Hack caters to students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, offering them access and improved interaction with educational content. Currently available for download on the IOS and Android app stores, this platform leverages a dialogue format that simplifies the question-and-answer process. Currently, 500k questions daily are asked on the platform. 

School Hack offers students tons of features such as AI Essay Support, a Paraphrasing Tool, AI Student Groups, a Plagiarism Checker, and the Ask Anything section. It also has a Doc Chat segment that allows users to seamlessly share documents in DOCX, EPUB, and TXT formats. The Doc Manager tool further allows users to keep files and organize them into unique folders. 

School Hack has over 3  million users globally, has been selected for the Microsoft Founders Hub, and is currently a Nvidia Inception & AWS Partner. 

The School Hack Coin (SHC) 

School Hack Coin is the platform’s native token and was designed to aid students in developing countries gain access to a world-class education. According to the team, SHC powers the dispelling of entry barriers, thus delivering access to AI tools and features regardless of location. It serves as the in-app currency, enables staking, serves as a reward, and grants holders access to personal AI agents. SHC tokens will also facilitate expansion and development initiatives for the platform as it seeks to become a genuinely comprehensive and sustainable educational platform for students. 

$SHC is a Solana Program Library (SPL-20) token standard with a total supply of 500 million and a fully diluted valuation of $125 million. It is available for trading on Coinstore and will be listed on other exchanges later this month, per the team. 

School Hack has launched an airdrop campaign where users can farm points which can be converted to $SHC. Scheduled to end on Monday, May 20, 2024, potential users can sign up on the website, link their X (formerly Twitter) accounts, and collect points by simply mentioning $SHC in their posts. The more posts, the more points they earn. Over 25k+ users have participated in this rewarding campaign. 

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